Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sunday Again??

Had a full on week marking 1st & 2nd years work so this has left me no time to concentrate on any projects. Just seen this advert for the Winter Olympics >>>

An animated adventure to promote the Winter Olympics, incorporating snowboarding, the ski jump – and curling. Created by ad agency RKCR

Some pretty cool stuff, some adverts that you will recognise.

Just did my first session of my 5 week City&Guilds Photoshop & illustrator, a good bunch of students that were quite reserved but I think I got them quite into it as the day went along. still not sure about working Saturdays though :(

Plans for this week is to create a fully rigged character that is easy to build, rig and animate for the 1st years, I've been studying loads of tutorials, found some new tricks that I think may work, but I have to put this to practice. Going to watch the animated film '9' about the sack people, don't know much about it but I absolutely love the look and style of it:)

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  1. just get murray to do it, Smythers. You know it makes sense!

    ps - 9 looks poooooooooooooooo! haha