Thursday, 7 January 2010

Intro Space Scene's

I watched Superman returns the other day which has helped with some of the thinking behind the meteor & space scenes which I have not shown yet for the Tokyoacidcru video. Im rendering my meteor at the moment with green screen then going to try to recreate the explosion bit a the begining of superman in After effects. I cant show the story board yet as it is very ruff, but basically, Sentenal One & Mo are on a space station, which is on a meteor hurtling through space which has some kind of communication with a dying plannet which it fixes. This is Suade's concept from TAC, Im just making it, which is good to produce someone elses concept instead of my own for a change:) Another movie that I watched the other day that had the same kind of concept and insparation was 'Aliens vs Monsters, Its good when your making stuff and you already have the concept, but then see other forms of insparation to help further your thinking and problem solving.

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