Saturday, 9 January 2010

Meteor Explode

A quick test of the Meteor explode, the meteor was rendered out of Cinema 4D as it has the base on it you cant see yet, but you may at the start. The rest of the explosion was created in after effects, I followed a tutorial on my favorate site any one who wants to really go for it with after effect should do some tutorials with this guy!! Although I followed the tutorial there was added FX's from previous knowledge of this program. This is no way the final peice but close to what I am trying to create for the music video, though it seems I have killed us all off at the end of the vid:( well Mo & Sentenal One.

Im still having trouble uploading images or vids on this site???


  1. nice one smythers! will be checking out that after effects site soon

  2. Its so pretty!! :O

    I dont know if its supposed to be, but it is!