Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow Cancel's Today's Creativity I Think !!!

Just got some more freelance work in so happy about that:):), going to work abit on the tokyoacidcru music video 'Computer Takes Control' Ive recreated old 80's Cartoon with sental one & Mo. Mo is doing my head in abit as im trying to rig his extended arms ;( I'll post some shots when Im happy with the stylisation of it. Done the intro credits which was quite fun as I filmed my gold fish to create a sort of Northern lights feel in space(((0_0))) All will be reveiled ;) Just followed Ashley Wood, I love his work especially World War Robot which I have built in 3D but still need to do something special. Thanks to all you lot that followed me!!, Im all new to this and will try to focus this blog on some exciting stuff that Im in the process of making this year, Also I can keep an eye on you for PPD ;)

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