Monday, 8 February 2010

Work Is Spoiling my Creative Time

Its been a tough week in the world of 2073, Freelance & College work has taken over, with a few Motion Graphic Idents, Character Animation, & Teaching 6 days a week.

This week I think Im going to focus on finishing the Character Animation for Punch Taverns, again ive been looking to find the perfect simple rig some parts have worked but its the weight painting that causes all the issues.

Murry has finished the Lego rig, so that means I can start the music video for 'Because I am'
got to do the intro filming then the final animation should come together.

Got a few new projects in mind to support my portfolio, Im going to start focusing on a few 2d experimental tital sequences in After Fxs, this has been on the cards for a while but now I have a concept it will be easier to develop.

My application for Lucus Films has been handed in, though Im still waiting for college to confirm with them that I am enrolled on the course, my deadline is this friday so Im paniking abit if I miss this chance ;(

By next week I will definataly be posting up more work as text is a bit of a bore........


  1. You keep at it, you've got the skill and the passion so you keep going and things will start falling into place soon enough. =)

  2. You cant let an opportunity like Lucas Arts get trampled on because college is being a massive bender. Get on that shizz and do some shouting!!